Day: May 5, 2022

How to get your thoughts and ideas in order


The clue of the door of happiness is persistence. The first step of achieving new goals is to establish that something is possible, than loads of brilliant green lights will occur. If everyone strives for self-improvement, the energy of hard work will successfully charge the commitment of others. Consequently, when the bumpy ride is a gold mine, you keep overcoming difficulties even if the odds are not in your favor.

It would seem obvious that the most rapid way to accomplish a large task is to divide it into several other subtasks, grouping them into a single theme and allocating adequate time for their gradual implementation following a plan that is worth implementing on a sheet, not keep it in your head. It is very difficult to read sentences with such complex constructions, is not it? Honestly, it is even harder to make that life a reality.

Have you ever been trying to weight your thoughts? Several times? 

Planning your working time is life changing. The real enjoyment of soul is harmony between mental and material habits. The meaning of success hides under the cover of calmness. The result will bring more opportunities and possibilities, if the process does not involve sleep deprivation, hate and psychological pain. There is no doubt that a hard-working person is encouraged by the richness and multitasking of the routine schedule. Everything is going at the touch of a button as biological resources are well balanced. The habit of good prioritization is a loyal friend of the discerning taste of life. The techniques of an art impress, but it is a time to guess what a method should everybody use for building his own plan of a “A star is born”.

We always draw digital analogs of daily issues. Every good coder writes a program beautifully and prosaically using the principle SOLID. Give us a chance to explain the point of tech’s view.

The provision of the SOLID digital rule into life

SOLID is an acronym for the first five object-oriented design (OOD) principles.

These principles establish practices that lend to developing software with considerations for maintaining and extending as the project grows.

Implementing SOLID design principles during development will lead to systems that are more maintainable, scalable, testable, and reusable. In the current environment, these postulates are used by engineers globally. As a result, to create good code and to use design principles that are competitive while meeting industry standards, it is essential to utilize these principles.

While implementing these principles can feel overwhelming at first, regularly working with them and understanding the differences between code that complies with the principles and code that does not will help to make good design processes easier and more efficient.

Based on such rules of the counter code provider, exaggerated each function should be clearly named, perform one of the subtasks, competently structured and give understandable data. The same things have to be done by the daily plan. Having a «brain programming» is not always a disadvantage.

How does the Rizen app could help you to solve the problem of scheduling

Technology makes life better. With the help of time tracking software, you can record your overall work process and get the real picture of how you spend your time. This is essential for the all-around health and productivity of the business. The Rizen App is definitely a big cheese for a good start.

The Rizen App welcomes everybody with a menu of sequence bullet point.

The second slide demonstrates the several activities that you can easily rename, than choose another color of an option, even clicking on them.

The next step is sharing a secret of your goals with The Rizen app. We promise nobody knows how ambitious you are.
You have an opportunity to launch a target, put a tittle for it, write a little description, sort it to the one of the activities that you have created before, the last but not the list – provide a deadline for your convenience.

The key expression of the sense of being the best version of yourself

To do your best you ought to get into some new habits…The Rizen App is the most active advisor.

Stay with Rizen – do not be a randomizer!


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