The taste of comparisons

We propose an analogy of the planning strategy with the nucleus of the atom. To begin with, it should be specified that the atom is a positive nucleus, which consists of protons and neutrons, around which negative electrons move around the orbitals.

Metaphorically, we call the components of our application RIZEN the constructor of a positively charged nucleus, while the antistrategy of our management is the electrons.

In this article we will share with you what should NOT be guided when developing an innovative approach to achieve your ambition.




The Fantastic Eight Failures

DON’T set too many Goals or Objectives or go into greater detail than necessary. Too many details, goals or objectives lead to confusion, conflicting goals, micromanagement and failure to execute. The pound does not measure a successful plan.

DON’T skip steps or do them partially. If you bought an expensive briefcase, you wouldn’t immediately change the handle, put on a different carrying strap or have it dyed another color. Avoid tinkering with the process, since you have no data to justify your changes.

DON’T do things because “we’ve always done it,” or “I think we should do it even though it doesn’t fit our mission.” Without the mission driving your decisions, you will miss innovative solutions, drift off course or become reactionary.

DON’T begin laying out the tasks before you have stated the mission, goals and objectives clearly. The mission sets the context for the goals, which are the context for objectives, specific, measurable results. Choose tactics to achieve these higher level results from your brain dump at the end of the process.

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DON’T avoid measurement because it is hard to do. Measurement may be difficult, especially when dealing with customer satisfaction, employee morale or effectiveness. Define some way to measure these intangibles so you can gauge progress during execution.

DON’T select productivity measures, just because they are easier to define. Important as it is, productivity does not tell you if you are creating a product or service that the customer wants. You can always make junk faster. When you focus on quality, you are more productive, since you reduce costly rework.

DON’T dump people into situations without providing what they need to get the job done. Delegation means understanding what the person needs to get the job done and providing it. You can only hold people accountable for what they can actually control.

DON’T manage by intimidation, placing blame or gut feel. These approaches don’t work since people may comply but they won’t be fully engaged. Don’t ignore off target data or make excuses. The opposite of the “blame game” is denial. If a goal or objective is not reached, investigate, find the root cause, devise a solution and replan. Unfounded hope is not a strategy for success and ambition in the real world.


Evaluate yourself adequately, get a balance between relaxing and work, do not delude yourself and treat your ambition as the highest degree of pleasure!

Do not be a Randomizer! Stay with RIZEN!