Planning and preparation are important to most of us. In sports, if you don’t have a game plan, you’re likely to fumble. Without detail planning, a big event can go awry.

Our daily lives are where planning matters most, but we often fail to prioritize it there. A clear plan in the morning will help us avoid failure.

We set seasonal and annual goals, but it is what we do each day – the habits we adopt, the work we accomplish, and the priorities we set – that compound over time into success or failure. We can find balance and reset by spending a few days aimlessly each month. When we spend more time without purpose than working towards our goals, we end up falling short of goals and wondering where all our time went.

When it comes to hectic but unproductive days, a daily planning ritual is the best defense. Here is how you can plan your days for calmer, more focused productivity without using hourly google calendars.

Cons of using hour-to-hour google calendar

Organize your schedule on a regular basis – at the beginning of every week or month, for example. There are a number of different tools you can use to schedule hour-to-hour tasks, including google calendar. However, it is not good idea to rely on such tools. Here is why:

• Do you feel comfortable with Google (potentially) reading your calendar entries?
• Unauthorized access to the calendar could be a security vulnerability
• The site may not be available or you may not have Internet service
• It is more difficult to learn than paper
• Your data is at the mercy of the host’s business model – they could fail, thereby losing your data
• It is possible to corrupt data, alter, or even delete events
• Scheduling an event can become complicated when there are too many options
• To view your schedule, you need a computer, PDA, or smartphone
• Batteries can fail on PDAs, leaving you without a calendar
• Depending on the technology

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How to achieve effective scheduling

Planning your activities in such a way that you can achieve the goals and priorities is the art of scheduling. An effective schedule allows you to:

• Be aware of what your time can realistically accomplish.
• Give yourself enough time for the most important tasks.
• Be prepared for “the unexpected.”
• Don’t overextend yourself.
• Your personal and professional goals should be pursued steadily.
• Spend enough time with family and friends, exercising and enjoying hobbies.
• Balance your work and personal lives.

One of the few resources we cannot buy is time, but we often waste it or use it inefficiently. By scheduling your day, week, or month, you can keep on track to achieve the goals.

As the end of another busy working day approaches, you don’t feel as if you have accomplished anything, even though you came into your office early and left late. This is all too common. The constant interruptions, endless meetings, and urgent last-minute tasks can easily keep you busy all day without making any sort of progress toward your highest priorities. Because of this, knowing how to schedule your time effectively is so important. Rizen is the app you need if you don’t want to stuck in busy schedules. Essentially, Rizen is a habit tracker and task planner app that allows you to check off your habits and tasks as you complete them.

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