famous people

Habits of famous people

Many of the world’s leading writers, business professionals, actors, and composers use unique methods to stay productive. We can apply many of them to our own lives. We look at some of history’s most recognizable names and how they succeeded in achieving fame and fortune.

family habits

Best habits to spend time with family

Many of us are caught up in a whirlwind of activities that begins on Monday morning, ends on Sunday night, and then begins all over again on Monday morning. In the midst of juggling jobs, running households, chauffeuring our children, our parents, our relatives, and spouses to work, school, appointments, and commitments, the time slips away. We all agree, however, that spending quality time with our families is the best way to show them we care. Take time to spend with your family every day using these simple, meaningful and practical ideas.

Have Dinner

Plan your work to end later in the evening so that you can make it home in time for dinner with your family. In addition to being able to participate in their daily conversations, having dinner together with them allows you to answer any questions they may have had during the day.