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√ Manage tasks with Kanban boards

√ Focus on work with the Pomodoro technique

√ Measure Throughput

√ Define life Activities

√ Manage Goals

√ Use Habits for recurring tasks

√ Plan with the Eisenhower Decision matrix


Available on iPhone, iPad, and macOS.



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We collected the most effective task management methods to provide a powerful tool

Kanban is an efficient and powerful feature designed to help streamline and optimize workflows. With Kanban boards, you can create and manage tasks quickly and efficiently while gaining greater control over your affairs.

Habits management offers comprehensive features for tracking and managing your habits. Easily create goals and tasks to help you stay on track, visualize progress, and stay motivated. Our user-friendly interface allows you to customize habits that best fit your needs.

The goals management feature helps you take control of your life and habits by quickly setting up goals and linking tasks to them to keep you on track and motivated. Our user-friendly interface allows you to customize, prioritize, and organize tasks into categories.

The Throughput Monitor helps you measure how many tasks you perform over periods of time. With this feature, you can compare different periods to understand when you're productive and when you're not.

Eisenhower Decision Matrix helps you make strategic decisions in an organized and efficient way by focusing on task urgency and importance. This matrix breaks down your tasks into four categories and assigns each priority level based on the two criteria, allowing you to assess and prioritize tasks quickly.

Share tasks with anyone to delegate some work. You'll see the task on your Kanban board in a 'Waiting for others' list.

Pomodoro Technique helps you focus on your tasks and beat procrastination by breaking down work into manageable chunks of time. This technique divides your work day into 25-minute sprints followed by 5-minute breaks, allowing you to stay productive and reduce fatigue.

The Activity feature allows you to plan and organize your day more productively. This feature allows you to create tasks and manage them into categories such as work, personal, or even hobbies. You can set deadlines, prioritize tasks, and assign tasks to other users, helping you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.


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Rizen is a powerful tasks and habits management tool

4xIncreased efficiency

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5xControl on personal affairs

Available on iPhone, iPad, and macOS.


What our users say

Rizen is a powerful tasks and habits management tool

Rizen Tasks and Habits Manager

Become efficient with us!

Available on iPhone, iPad, and macOS.

Rizen tasks and habits manager

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