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Activities Tracking with Rizen – Smart and Effective

Time is a non-renewable resource and the best practice is to treat it carefully. When you know how you spend your time and prioritize your activities you can bring value and quality to your daily routine. Moreover, if you measure your time, you can better manage it. Entertainment or work, education or home affairs – all these activities should be subject to tracking. Luckily you don’t need to write your to-do list on a sheet of paper no more, there are more technological and smart tools for this.

Whether you are a solopreneur or a householder, Rizen will be an effective tool for tracking your activities. In the app, you can manage and sort them into categories to figure out where you focus most. 

Benefits of Tracking Activities

If you often feel overwhelmed and 24 hours in a day is not enough for you, tracking your daily activities may become a solution. Here are some major benefits you can get from tracking activities.

Get better time control

By recording all the daily activities you are more likely to detect those that don’t bring value but devour your time. Of course, while scrolling the TikTok feed or social media you can easily lose the sense of time. As a result, you don’t have time for having a cup of tea with friends or taking your dog to the vet. Having all your activities registered, you will be able to revise your daily tasks and limit the time you spend on non-important activities. 

Keep your life mission alive

Without being aware of what activities you should prioritize it’s easy to lose focus on your life goals. You will hardly keep on track if your values and high-impact tasks are relegated to the background. Time logging will help you to set big goals and spend your time rationally to achieve them. In Rizen you can manage your activities in the Mission section and get a graph of your priorities, whether it is family, health, sports, or self-development. 

Estimate your time better

Every day we face a situation when we can’t say exactly how much time this or that task will take. We often underestimate or overestimate time for groceries, cleaning, working, or taking children to school. As a result, we schedule more tasks than we can handle or vice versa, we put off meetings or datings we could have assigned. Generally, to make precise time estimates you can track your activities. The next time you plan your visit to a dentist you will be able to figure out how much time the previous visit took. Then, after a few weeks, you’ll make more accurate time estimates on your daily tasks and chores.

Stay productive and form healthy habits

Recording activities you log not only useful tasks but bad habits as well. We often lose focus working on our duties, turning to social networks, TV series, or news feed. Of course, sometimes you just need to wind down, but in most cases, this is just a waste of time. We’ve designed the Activities section in the app to help you figure out how much time you spend on “browsing TikTok” or “searching random facts”. When you realize that the time you’ve spent on this is enormous you’ll get a wake-up call to revise your time management.

Why Rizen is a Good Tool for Activities Tracking

Generally, the market of activity-tracking apps is pretty saturated. But Rizen was designed by humans and for humans. We keep in mind that users don’t want to spend much time figuring out the menu structure in a massive desktop app. That’s why we headed for the intuitive mobile app with a set of useful features in a convenient form.

Focus on mobile platforms. A mobile phone is a device we keep in our hands most. So, if you have a good app to track activities on your iPhone you can mark tasks and habits as soon as you do them. Doing morning workouts? Let’s be honest, you almost certainly have your phone nearby at this moment. Do exercises, and note them in the app. So easy! 

Regular application updates. Maintaining the app is the main focus of our developers. For many companies habit tracking app is often a side project. In contrast to them, we don’t design Rizen for fun. This is our long-term plan and we actively support and maintain its software infrastructure. We understand that there is nothing worse than being stuck with an outdated solution you adore.  

Smooth and intuitive interface. A habit tracker is not the type of app that can afford to be bulky or difficult to learn. All the user wants is to note his last activity without navigating a myriad of menus and sections. That should be a matter of seconds. Rizen is the exact kind of app that prioritizes the user’s time and doesn’t offer tons of unnecessary buttons and menus. Quick, intuitive, and easy to use. That’s it.

Graphs, stats, and functionality. With all the Rizen features you will be able to register, categorize, and analyze your daily, weekly, or monthly activities. All the information is provided in convenient and visual graphs to figure out whether your daily routine can bring you to your life goals and self-improvement. 

How to Track Activities with Rizen

In the Rizen app, you can create, manage, and track all your created tasks and activities. With our graphs, you can analyze how many tasks you perform in a certain period, assign goals for a relevant period, and figure out whether these tasks company with your life mission. 

1. You can create activities in the Start Wizard menu at the first start or in the application Settings menu later.

2. Create a task, and choose a relevant type of activity to which you want to assign this task.

3. After you’ve created an Activity, all your further tasks may be assigned to a certain type of activity and analyzed in the Mission chart.

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