Collaborate, Share, and Delegate Tasks with Kaizen Approach

Delegate and Share Daily Tasks in Rizen

People have always needed some method to manage their activities effectively, organize their routines and develop their personal qualities. The Japanese Kaizen concept formed the basis of many task management approaches and apps popular among project managers. Constant improvement, the cornerstone of Kaizen, is based on the idea of small and ongoing positive changes that can bring your project to significant progress. 

Generally, Kaizen is based on cooperation and commitment and stands in contrast to approaches that use radical or forceful changes to achieve transformation. Do you think this approach can be applied not only in business but in your daily routine as well? Let’s figure this out.

Forget About Overdue Deadlines with the Kaizen-based App

Kaizen’s ideas of self-improvement and collaboration were successfully implemented in Rizen, our task manager app. We firmly believe that it is more effective to form good habits, grow personally and manage tasks effectively in the company of colleagues or family.

Task sharing and collaboration have become one of the most essential Rizen features. You can share and delegate tasks to other users, whether they are your colleagues or family members. You will always get messages in your app Inbox when your friend or family member shares a task with you. 

Easy Task Sharing with Family in the Rizen App

It has become a real challenge for modern families to find a balance between work and family. With so much information around it is hard to keep in mind all your family tasks and duties. And if you don’t want to forget something important and want to manage tasks effectively (having time for self-improvement), additional tools like Rizen are vital.

In Rizen you can get virtual aid in sharing your family duties, planning shopping, cleaning, and distributing other home duties. You can create recurring tasks, for example cooking breakfast or making homework with your children. And you will get notifications in your Inbox when it’s your turn to solve math problems with your son. 

Now you don’t have to worry that you may forget to do purchases or take your dog to the vet, everything will be recorded in Rizen. And if you have some urgent work tasks you can easily share or delegate your house cleaning to your partner and he will get a notification in the Rizen Inbox. Go on reading to learn how to make your family more organized and get some useful information about ways to use Rizen. 

Organize Your Family with the Rizen App

Menu planning

Rizen allows you to plan your dinner menu for weeks ahead. You will not have a daily headache about what to cook for your family. Moreover, you can share your menu with your partner, and he will learn from the Inbox window what bottle of wine to take for dinner, red for meat or white for fish dishes. Start with dinners, and then, once you have a handle on the process of creating tasks, add lunches and breakfasts.

Create a weekly visual schedule

With the Rizen app, you can plan and schedule your family activities for days ahead. All the members of your family will know when you are going to take them skiing, visit the cinema, or have a cozy camping weekend. This will help your children to be more self-organized and plan personal activities without compromising family plans.

Organize your to-do list

Are you still making notes on the nearest scrap of paper which is regularly misplaced? Time to stop. Now you can create, sort, and organize your daily duties or habits in Rizen. Choose any type of activity for your tasks and monitor whether they match your life goal or not. Don’t let your daily routine get in the way of your self-improvement and personal development.


Create a cleaning routine

It is hard to find a person who adores cleaning the house or washing dishes. Finally, with the Rizen planning app, this task can be delegated fairly. Share it with your family members and everyone will know when it’s his turn to perform his duties. 

Prioritize what is most important to your family

So many families, so many habits. The Rizen app is a good tool to help your family prioritize and share tasks without compromising the interests of all family members. With an organizational instrument, it will be easier to track and assign tasks and find time for self-development and improvement.

How to Share Daily Tasks in the Rizen App

To share the task you should create it first. To create a task just follow these steps:

  1. Open any of your boards in the menu on the left.
  2. Click on “+” in the lower right corner.
  3. Choose the relevant options for the task.
  4. Click on Create.

Now you can share the task:

  1. Open your board, find the task you want and click on it.
  2. Click on Share and enter the email of the person to whom this task will be assigned (this e-mail must be registered in Rizen).
  3. Press Enter and then Update.
  4. You will receive an email in the Inbox when a person accepts the task you have assigned to him.

If a task is shared with you, you need to open the Inbox in the left menu to find the task.

Rizen tasks and habits manager

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