Slide Kizen-based Affairs Planner Change your life for better with famous Japanese improvement Approach Avalaible on iPhone, iPad, Mac
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Prioritise tasks with Eisenhower Decision Matrix

Use the 'Do First,' 'Schedule,' 'Delegate,' and 'Eliminate' quadrants to sort affairs by their importance to you.
Later you'll plan those tasks on a Kanban board.

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Pomodoro technique

Our Focus mode is based on the Pomodoro technique allows you to focus on work every 25 minutes, and take 5-min. break

Pomodoro technique focus mode
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Kanban task management

Kanban board for wise task managers

Plan your tasks across yearly and monthly Kanban boards with predefined lists, like Today, Todo, Scheduled, Waiting for me, Waiting for others, Done

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Habits management

Using habits, you're able to automate task building. Use monthly, daily, or custom periods. Every task made by habit will be automatically created in monthly Kanban boards.

Rizen Habits Management
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Rizen Goal Tracker

Goal tracker

Define your goals and fill them with habits and tasks. As soon as you complete tasks, track the goal progress.

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Life's Mission chart

The Mission chart shows how many tasks you perform on activities that correspond to your life mission and how many tasks distract you from the mission.

Rizen Life Mission Chart
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Rizen Throughput

Throughput monitoring

The Throughput chart shows how many tasks you perform daily or monthly. Compare how effective you are between calendar periods.

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Available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Use Rizen on any Apple device with realtime synchronization.

Rizen iPhone, iPad, Mac

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