Kaizen Approach as an Effective Instrument to Organize Routine

Comprehensive Guide to Kaizen Approach

“Habit is second nature”, they say, and sometimes it can be a real challenge to give up some bad habits and form good ones. Philosophers, scientists, and analysts from all over the world devoted their lives to solving the issue of self-organization and productivity improvement, and, actually, many of them had success. 

Japan has become a cradle of research that gave birth to a myriad of successful specialists and techniques in this sphere. But one approach, that was effectively implemented in world-renowned companies like Toyota, Ford, or Nestle, stands out from the rest. Its name is Kaizen.

What is Kaizen

Kaizen is an organizing concept that takes its origin in Japan. The main pillar of this technique is that small constant changes help to grow and achieve big goals

In business, this approach provides the involvement of all the staff and the contribution of every employee even on the lowest rank to the total success of the company. Only gradual and continuous improvement in all aspects can bring massive triumph. Go on reading to learn more about how effective the Kaizen approach can be in business.

Moreover, Kaizen has become a popular philosophy for personal organization and self-improvement as well. The explanation is pretty easy to understand – minor habits and activities repeated on a regular basis can bring you significant results. The idea is to aim for small and consistent growth each day. 

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How Kaizen Works in Business

Kaizen as a business technique involves methods that constantly improve processes and touch all employees. Kaizen sees progress in productivity as a gradual and systematic process.

The Kaizen concept covers a wide range of ideas. According to this methodology, the working process directly depends on the atmosphere of a workplace. Work operations will be more effective in a company with close employee engagement, and a more fulfilling, less tiring, and safer environment. 

To summarize, if you want to create a long-term and successful business project, try to create working relationships where all the employees will be able to bring even a small impact and ideas to the company’s life in a positive work atmosphere.


The key features of Kaizen include:

  • Growth is based on numerous slight changes rather than the radical rebuild offered by the Research and Development department.
  • Usually, ideas that come from employees are not extreme and can be easily implemented.
  • Small improvements are less likely to require significant financial investments.
  • Workers of all ranks and positions should find a way to improve their performance.
  • Highly motivated employees have more chances to bring effectiveness to the working process and are more likely to grow personally and professionally.

How Kaizen Philosophy Can Be Implemented in Daily Life

The reason for the popularity of Kaizen lies in the fact that it can be successfully implemented in daily life. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This is the main pillar of the whole philosophy. Making small changes on a regular basis can help to reach desired results. Kaizen is the key to improving our work, finances, homes, relationships, and even habits! Here are some tips that will help you to implement the Kaizen technique and change your life with Rizen.

Manage your efforts wisely

Kaizen philosophy provides for reasonable use of time. To sort your activities and eliminate the ineffective ones you can use the Eisenhower matrix. It will help you to figure out what tasks are important and urgent, what tasks can help you to achieve long-term goals, and what tasks are not worth your attention at all. Useless and time-consuming tasks will no longer be a stumbling block for your gradual growth.

Stay focused but not exhausted

According to the Pareto Principle, with 20% effort, you can generate 80% of production. This approach allows you to stay focused without being overwhelmed by extra efforts. Another good way to stay focused is to use the Pomodoro technique. The method formed more than 40 years ago can help if your focusing on tasks is not enough. With this approach, you will be able to divide your workflow into smaller parts with restorative pauses, keeping focus and not being tired.

Organize your home and workspace 

It is obvious that more productivity can be generated in a convenient and clear work space. Empty coffee cups and papers scattered on the table can hardly help you perform tasks. With organized workflow and space, more concentration and creativity without any distracting factors are guaranteed. Just remember, happiness is a side effect of a well-organized life.

Form the right and healthier habits

The Kaizen approach can also help you to form regular healthy habits to maintain a perfect work-life balance: starting from your food choice and water consumption to reading and meditating. Kaizen doesn’t provide any radical changes within a short period of time. You can replace unhealthy habits and mentally draining activities step-by-step, cleansing your mind and body. 

Don’t be afraid to set big goals

If you are lucky to find your life mission, don’t hesitate to move towards it. Kaizen’s approach is based on gradual changes that will bring you to big goals. The important thing is not to lose the way and don’t stop even if you fail.

Visualize your thoughts and goals

To be effective, you need to clarify your pursuit. For clarity of purpose, visualization is needed. Choose the right goal, and then discard everything unnecessary. That’s why the main principle of Kaizen is visualization. Unload your head, and put all your thoughts, anxieties, desires, and goals on the Kanban board, in the form of cards to have a helicopter view of everything you bear in your head.

Rizen – Kaizen-based Tool to Form Good Habits and Improve Your Life

Kaizen guides you to organize yourself by living in the present. It encourages people to visualize their goals and set smaller milestones to stay focused and motivated. Remember, there is always room for growth. New skills and healthy habits will have only a positive effect. And don’t forget to collaborate and share all your small and big wins with others. It is always easier to achieve goals with a strong shoulder nearby.

And our Kaizen-based Rizen app will always be ready to assist you. Whether you need to organize your tasks, stay focused, or share your activities with your partner or colleague, we will be here to help you.

If you need any other guides or tips on personal efficiency you can check out our articles Guide to Personal Efficiency and Importance of Self-Discipline and Focus.


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