The true meaning of ambition

What synonyms and associations to the word “goal” immediately come to your mind? As fast as greased lightining, of course. Have you meantioned the expression “dream” while you have been listing a lot of coming up ideas? Try to be as honest to yourself as the day is long.

The contemporary person feels the deep fine difference between “aspiration” and “purpose”. Inconceivable is just a word tossed around by little men who discover it less demanding and intruiging to live within the world they have been given than to explore the control of mind they got to alter it. Incomprehensible is not a reality. It is an supposition. Inconceivable is potential. Incomprehensible is brief. Impossible is nothing. The concept of choosing an issue rightly is a double-edge sword: on the one hand, you need to be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars, but, on the other hand, remember to keep your feet on the ground.

If you are an open-minded and enthusiastic liader of your own way of life, you can transorm your dream into the goal by starting to develop a clear algorithm of actions to achieve your intentions and actively rant and rave according to this plan. You can’t get the fish out of the pond without any effort!

At the initial stage it is necessary to learn to sort your stream of thoughts into a certain idea, but how to do it? Our application “RizenApp” offers the Kaisen principle, the methods of which have certain functions with parameters of productivity and brevity.


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The space of capacity with NDF

NDF is a multivitamin juice of three words named as Numbers, Data and Formulation, which would help you to construct your imagination into a big castle of purpose.

Let’s give an example. The goal’s statement “ In 2023 I will buy a new car Cadillac Escalade ”. The data is 2023 (a proper bullet point even of the year), the Number is one (one new car) and the Formulation is Cadillac Escalade.

The detective’s magic

The best and the most convenient practice for decomposing the main goal is a fascination of the deductive reasoning. The analitical and critical thinking give more green lights to practice and run the influential power of logic.


Inductive VS Deductive


In 2023 I will buy a new car Cadillac Escalade. The question is what should I do to get my amazing achievement?

According to the analysis of globalization’s modern tendencies I have to review the world marketing place in order to choose the most benefitial platform for consulting.

The last but not the least is money. How to select the method of profiting, raising money and making bargains: extensive or intencive. There is no right answer because it is all depens on human state of mind and principles.

Extensive means widing the opportunities and possibilities of working, finding a bit more ideas of making money, f.e. investitions, cryptocurrency’s spaces or even just extra part-time jobs.

Intensive system represents the career ladder consequetly the increasing income histogram.

While you work out the decomposition of the main goal, there may be pitfalls in the form of requirements for the acquisition of new habits. This will certainly benefit your experience of self-development and self-learning. Sherlock Holmes’ deductive method of analysis emphasizes perfectly how everyday logic and thinking can work backwards, based on the all-round inductive method.

The solution prod by Rizen App

The essential point of the app is navigation through life with an open mind and optimization your daily tasks for continuous improvements. Using this approach gives you a better chance of reaching the desired goals.


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With the Rizen App you can boost yor energy into imagimation and creativity of composing the NDF-symphony:
  • Select the goal’s task.
  • Create a task.
  • Enter the name of the habit.
  • The description.
  • Choose the most suitable among the previously created activities.
  • Determine the date or deadline.
  • Press “create”.
  • You do not specify a clear date of achievement of the goal, do you? It can be found in the backlet in the section “My boards”.
  • It is also possible to create your own “Board”.
  • Button “Apply”.
  • You can also create a task using the “My Boards” section.


Do not be a Randomizer. Stay with Rizen!

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