We are trying keeping in touch with you. Consequantelly, today we are going to discuss about the value of practicing the Eisenhower matrix as a first step.
The only place to get time for Quadrant II in the beginning is from Quadrants III and IV.

You can’t ignore the urgent and important activities of Quadrant I, although it will shrink in size as you spend more time with prevention and preparation in Quadrant II. But the initial time for Quadrant II has to come out of III and IV.

You have to be proactive to work on Quadrant II because Quadrants I and III work on you. To say “yes” to important Quadrant II priorities, you have to learn to say “no” to other activities, sometimes apparently urgent things.

The main question is how can you begin using the Eisenhower decision matrix.
  • The implementing this brilliant time management technique is a simple one. Go ahead to recognize the types of activities you’re doing and throughout your day. Stop and think is what I’m doing a Q1, Q2, Q3 or Q4? Most likely you’ll be surprised to find that you spend very little time in Q2.
  • Start classifying and handling your tasks based on their quadrant. In our business it would be amazingly convenient to add a custom field on the company’s task management software. This way any employee can go into their tasks list and sort by quadrant to ensure that they work on those Q1 and Q2 tasks first, and foremost  stay away from Q4 tasks.Work towards, developing solutions that prevent them from being bogged down by those Q1 and Q3 tasks.
  • Carve out time for Q2 tasks at the expense of everything else. This is particularly true, if you’re a business owner or a manager in someone else’s business. Try to remember that your job is to do all the things that other people who work on Q1 and Q3 don’t have the time to do. Take a day from the computer and think about the next generation product line for your company, walk around and get to know your colleagues better, call up a few potential allies in your industry and see how you can work together. While you’re at it, make breakfast for your family and spend an extra half an hour at the gym, while none of these things are urgent they are most certainly enormously essential.


The examples of Eisenhower Boxes

No worries, our Rizen.app.KeepSolid team is going to explain the strategy of some examples of Eisenhower Boxes of people who’s minds and purposes of life are totally different but the are trying to snack, crackle and pop in the same way with an effective self-development’s feature.

A Student

There is no doubt that student’s period of life is one of the most multi-tasking and challenging sign of the times. You have to study loads of disciplines for the main goal of the future qualification. You need to start a separate process routine and find a part-time job. Looking for an opportunity is the main way how to raise money and get acquainted with a reality. Therefore, at the first steps it is amazingly difficult to organize the schedule perfectly. Although students have a huge amount of deadline tasks, they sometimes procrastinate with gaming, meeting with no agenda, scrolling through social networking sites and etc. An addition, a learner should always improve his|her hard and soft skills; develop his|her mind, qualities and the method of facing difficulties. This eliminates another obstacle hindering success.

University is like a small community. Accordingly, some of the stuff could be delegated in consequence of mutually beneficial terms of the contract, as regards both the studying and organization.


A senior Java-developer

A senior java developer is a computer programmer with an extreme level of experience and all required skills. They build a java based application and software. They perform a certain types of tasks such as coding, bug solution, designing. Despite having such an incredible experience of working with computer science, a senior developer must keep track of new trends in information technology, ways to optimize code and improve his strong knowledge base. Most of seniors take over the mentor activities for juniors, thereby sharing experience, fill the bright heads of novice programmers for the good of the company. In this case, it is necessary to detach from the manual work of organizational moments. Try to entrust it to a person with a different status.\

A sports person

Sportsmanship comes in many forms and helps make competitive games fun and enjoyable.

An effective sports person should be supportive and willing to learn. People are more productive and efficient with positive reinforcement. A few words of encouragement or high-fives can sometimes be all someone needs to get their head back into the game. If a sports person end up losing, rather than take it out on the opposition, he|she tries to learn from mistakes. For instance, if a tennis player makes a lot of forced errors during a tennis match, he|she have to practice returning the balls that made he|she struggle the most. If sportsman hit a lot of his backhands into the net instead of down the line winners, he should work on that technique to increase his chances of future success.

Also, the coach needs to update not only their training and nutrition programs. There are also some clients, for the success of whose he is partially responsible.

Of course, a productive athlete needs to monitor the progress of their endurance, while maintaining a balance between work and rest. Smooth mode is the key to success.


The Conclusion

The last but not the least, let’s make conclusion on our development. With the help of this article, we made a neat but radical and decisive step to understanding the Eisenhower matrix. The Rizen App encourages you to continue using this phenomenon to track your mode to achieve your goals.

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