What is Pomodoro Technique and How to Use It in Rizen

What is Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s. You will probably ask why it is called “Pomodoro” (“Tomato” in Italian). What’s common between task management and tomatoes? The answer is simple – Francesco Cirillo used a tomato-shaped kitchen timer to break his work into intervals. Each interval was 25 minutes long, had a 5-10-minute break, and was called a “Pomodoro”. 

This approach helped him to reduce the effect of internal and external interruptions and better focus on his workflow. Today this technique has become widely used by software developers to stay focused and effective. Let’s dive deeper into the nature of this technique and figure out why it actually works.

Why and How Pomodoro Technique Works

The method developed about 40 years ago is still popular today because it solves the typical issue of today’s workflow – focusing. With the help of this technique and interval working process, you can focus on tasks better by limiting the time you try to maintain that focus. Moreover, it allows you to have restorative breaks. With this approach, you are more likely to overcome your procrastination and manage your tasks more effectively even if your work requires multitasking.

How to Provide a Highly Skillful Management Solution

We are trying keeping in touch with you. Consequantelly, today we are going to discuss about the value of practicing the Eisenhower matrix as a first step.
The only place to get time for Quadrant II in the beginning is from Quadrants III and IV.

You can’t ignore the urgent and important activities of Quadrant I, although it will shrink in size as you spend more time with prevention and preparation in Quadrant II. But the initial time for Quadrant II has to come out of III and IV.

You have to be proactive to work on Quadrant II because Quadrants I and III work on you. To say “yes” to important Quadrant II priorities, you have to learn to say “no” to other activities, sometimes apparently urgent things.


The Deep sence of Quadrants

You Will be in Hot Water if You Miss this Guide to Finding out The Deep sence of Quadrants

The genius of literature’s phenomenon Gothe says: “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least”. As leaders of our own success, we must understand the concept, explore the essential difference between the Eisenhower quadrants, and determine for ourselves the cause of psychology’s misplaced prioritization. What is the matter of procrastination? How to avoid it and not to postpone important, but not urgent, things then as if for a rainy day?

We are ready to start our trip to the productivity from the road, full of green lights for developing your mind of self-management.

personal management

We Need to Talk about Personal Management

You will learn how to use the Eisenhower decision matrix to increase your productivity and reduce your stress. Here is the Golden Principle

Let’s discover the magical world of productivity and management or how to advance your memory capacity, read faster and live life to its fullest potential. Today you are going to pick up the information about an essential framework to help you cut through the clutter and finish your most important work in record time.

The basis of the Eisenhower decision matrix is one simple idea what is: “Important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important”.

Get ready in five minutes

Nothing sums up modern life better than the name of a current Japanese TV game show: Get up , have breakfast and get ready for work in five minutes.  

Does this sound like your life? Do you get the feeling that everything is accelerating? Not only are activities getting significantly quicker, but our assumptions are changing, too .

From the abstraction of the dream to the realization of the goal

The true meaning of ambition

What synonyms and associations to the word “goal” immediately come to your mind? As fast as greased lightining, of course. Have you meantioned the expression “dream” while you have been listing a lot of coming up ideas? Try to be as honest to yourself as the day is long.

How to get your thoughts and ideas in order


The clue of the door of happiness is persistence. The first step of achieving new goals is to establish that something is possible, than loads of brilliant green lights will occur. If everyone strives for self-improvement, the energy of hard work will successfully charge the commitment of others. Consequently, when the bumpy ride is a gold mine, you keep overcoming difficulties even if the odds are not in your favor.

It would seem obvious that the most rapid way to accomplish a large task is to divide it into several other subtasks, grouping them into a single theme and allocating adequate time for their gradual implementation following a plan that is worth implementing on a sheet, not keep it in your head. It is very difficult to read sentences with such complex constructions, is not it? Honestly, it is even harder to make that life a reality.

Have you ever been trying to weight your thoughts? Several times? 

Planning your working time is life changing. The real enjoyment of soul is harmony between mental and material habits. The meaning of success hides under the cover of calmness. The result will bring more opportunities and possibilities, if the process does not involve sleep deprivation, hate and psychological pain. There is no doubt that a hard-working person is encouraged by the richness and multitasking of the routine schedule. Everything is going at the touch of a button as biological resources are well balanced. The habit of good prioritization is a loyal friend of the discerning taste of life. The techniques of an art impress, but it is a time to guess what a method should everybody use for building his own plan of a “A star is born”.

Why is so important to reflect the next month affairs

There are some people who seem to be lost in the world. Their hard work seems to be going nowhere. Because they haven’t set formal goals or taken the time to consider what they really want from life, they feel hopeless and lack clarity. Could you embark on a significant journey without knowing your destination? Most likely not!

An excellent way to start a new month is to set new goals. We always feel motivated at the start of a new month.  Learn why it’s important to look ahead to your next month.

How to reflect on Future Goals

Have you ever felt like you were sleepwalking through your life, unaware of your goals? There might be a specific goal you’d like to hit, but you’re not sure how to achieve it. Looking at your future goals can help you determine what to do. Planning for the future starts with identifying your goals, which are fundamental to developing skills in every area of your life, from work to relationships to everything in between. No matter what you plan to accomplish in the present, your past often predicts your future. In other words, it is useful to reflect on both the good and the bad things that happened in the past to help you in the future.

family habits


我们中的许多人都陷入了周一早上开始、周日晚上结束、然后周一早上又重新开始的旋风中。 在忙碌的工作、管理家庭、接送我们的孩子、我们的父母、我们的亲戚和配偶工作、学校、约会和承诺的过程中,时间流逝了。 然而,我们都同意,与家人共度美好时光是向他们表达我们关心的最佳方式。 使用这些简单、有意义和实用的想法,每天花时间与家人共度时光。


计划您的工作在晚上晚些时候结束,以便您可以及时回家与家人共进晚餐。 除了能够参与他们的日常对话之外,与他们共进晚餐还可以让您回答他们白天可能遇到的任何问题。

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